Welcome to the website of ViFlow Finland Oy

ViFlow Finland Oy is an expert and supplier for heat exchangers, cooling towers, air coolers and heaters, other pressure vessels and filters. We have started operating in Finland in October 2009 even that our back-round started already during year 1939.

ViFlow Finland Oy and our concern ViFlow Group together with our partners have a long-term experience and expertise. We guarantee our customers a high level of quality in our product-range as well as in the services we provide. Our concern include own manufacturing company ÖrnalpUnozon AB.

Our product range is largest awailable on the market and therefore we can provide solutions close to all cases within heat transfer, filtering and pressure vessel area and optimize systems including several heat exchanger unit types like air coolers or Cooling Towers together with plate-, spiral- or shell and tube heat exchangers combined with protection filtering against fouling.

We follow the latest pressure vessel standards. Each type of equipment has several certificates and standards.

From our website you can find more information about our company, concern, products, applications and references. You can also download several leaflets.