Pulp and Paper

We are strongly involved with heat exchangers and other pressure vessels within the pulp and paper field. Our units are used for example in following targets:

Circulation liquids, white-, black- and green liquors, effluent waters, ClO2-water, filtrates, clean and foul gases, flash steam, primary steam, oils, glycols, methanol, tall oil, turpentine, chemicals, condensates

Surface condensers, condensers, heaters, strippers, columns, water locks, direct steam heaters, methanol- and ClO2-system reactors and -tanks, heat exchangers, HVAC- and OEM area standard heat exchangers

Pulp and Paper industry has plenty positions for all heat exchangers in our product range. They can be used for heating, cooling, condensing or evaporating as well as for heat recovery. Cooling towers and dry coolers are used within different water circuits and they help to reduce the water consumption. Manual and automatic filters are used in various water and oil circuits.

We have tens of International projects at several countries. Some of our Finnish client names as as follow: Andritz, Valmet, UPM Kymmene, Stora Enso, M-Real, Metsä-Botnia, Efora Oy, Botnia Mill Service, Sunila, Empower

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